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Shortly about Step-Cargo Logistics Ltd

Step-Cargo Logistics Domestic and International Carrier, Freight Services Ltd was founded in the year of 2000, its field of activity, as it is clear from the title itself, includes both domestic and international freight, transportation, storage, and its complex organizational and logistical tasks.

In 2003, Zetek Commercial, Service provider and Forwarding Ltd. has been our property in the course of a business buy-out. This company has its own vehicle fleet of express motorcycles, passenger vans, 3.5 t vans to 7.5 t trucks, 18 t lorries to 40 t trailers.The trucks - due to their structures - are suitable for the carriage of large-scale, special cargo. This was also due to this company that Step-Cargo Logistics Ltd. has developed, strengthened and became a forwarding company with its logistics infrastructure meeting the expectations of age.

Partner references:
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Bamed AG (MAM Hungária Kft.)
Continuous operation of our businesses, growth is steady through the economic indicators. Our results, profit-making capabilities allow the continued development of our group, vehicle fleet, as well as logistics bases for further expansion.

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