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Our services

The road haulage, freight forwarding operations include a complete wagon-load, partial loads, and summary traffic organization 1-24 tons. We can provide these activities for the whole of Europe in export-import, transit ("third country" transportation) direction and the domestic market as well.

Can be found in the group and, under direct management within the bond of our vehicle:
motorcycles (express service)
passenger vans
3.5 t vans
7.5 t trucks
15 t trucks and
40 t of megatrailers
In addition, Step-Cargo Logistics Ltd is working with now close to 50 trucks of subcontractors. The trucks disponated by our company can transport special goods as well. Big cube-trailers and small trucks with loading capacity of 100 to 120 m3 can also be found. Each truck is equipped with CMR insurance, and our company group has a cargo insurance.

Since 2001, our company deals with a complete air and sea transportation as well. Today we are present in more than 225 countries around the world. Activities:
Express delivery of documents and samples
Complete air cargo transportation (including dangerous goods handling as well)
Part-and complete container transport via Rotterdam and Hamburg
Cargo insurance up to total value!
On-board courier

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